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  1. I received a new box from LOR today with a 2nd generator pixie 8 controller and power supply. I set the dip switches and hooked everything up. I ran my test sequence and the unit works perfectly. I didn't even look at the new controller with the hardware utility. Maybe updating the firmware would have worked. Love the Smokies!!
  2. I have to add that i tried the reboot method and setting the color to the first one that came up but the colors seemed to shift on me. I went through the 6 options at least three times. No matter what order i chose, the red an blue swapped. I contacted the LOR help desk and they said that the controllers from gen 1 and Gen 2 on the pixie 8's were different and they are sending me a whole new controller. I asked what difference that would make because the new board in the controller is not working now and it must be something in the setup but they insist it will correct the issue. I think m
  3. I received a 2nd generation pixie 8 replacement board because of a power supply failure. my red and blue channels are mixed up and no matter what I do I cannot get them right. I tried all six combinations of RGB and they are all wrong. I used the dip switches to set the unit ID and everything is good except the colors. I have submitted a help ticket but do you have any suggestions in the mean time?
  4. I just wanted to let everybody know, I have identified a bad board as my last problem. I had thought there may be a software glitch with networking in S5 but every problem turned out to be hardware
  5. No, It appears the the two of my 16 channel controller had the cat5 cable jack damaged when I tripped over the wire. So that problem is identified. Still troubleshooting the mini pixel tree. I don't see any network light at all.
  6. Thanks, I was able to hook up a phone line to the third jack and get my 16 channel controllers working. I still cannot see all of them in the HU but they are working. Pixie tree still not working but it's starting to rain. I will follow this conversation in case LOR helps you out.
  7. I am getting a blinking network light for 10 seconds then holds solid for about 10 seconds. Has anybody heard of network issues with S5
  8. Thanks guys, i do have all of my 16 channel controllers on separate networks from the Pixie and CCR controllers. I am going to go back and swap the first box and see if that solves the problem.
  9. I read above that some of the 2nd gen controllers won't work with the third. Is that an upgrade that just happened. I am now running S5 and my networks are not working. correct. I have 10 - 16 channel controllers but the HU only recognizes the first one and it is a CTB16D Ver 4.01, the next one in line was a CTB16PC V1 that could not maintain a good network connection so i change it with a controller that is only a year old (it has a green network light). This has an intermittent network connection. and and the third controller now has not network connection. Any clues Maybe firmware
  10. Is there a tutorial for using the timings in superstar? I usually use the tapper wizard and have one mark for each beat. When I use the one in superstar I get multiple lines of different colors and they don't seem to match up with that well with the song. Is the start of the line the beat? Why multiple colors? What are the spaces for?
  11. Has anyone had any success importing timings from S5 into Superstar? I am trying to import using the superstar import timing function but nothing transfers. I have tried transferring from the loredit file as well as the play file.
  12. Did you ever find the solution to this problem? S5 was able to save the preview that I had been using for most of my previews, but all of the other ones are gone right after windows 10 update.
  13. Brian, Thanks for figuring that out. I will just avoid the & symbol. I remember way back when DOS didn't like special characters in file names.
  14. I did open up the file with word and there were 1070 pages so I gave up on that. So I deleted every effect and the fault still came up. The problem turned out to be a image that I was using with an image action. So even when i deleted the image action, the image was still attached to the sequence and caused the problem. I deleted the image action and then the image in the original file and the import worked fine. I will have to redo that small section of the sequence but no big deal. Thanks for your help.
  15. I encountered a new problem importing and SS sequence into superstar. (I have done six successfully)The import failed because of an unexpected token Line 54783. I have attached a screen shot. I assume that this means there is a problem with the sequence. I created a new SS sequence and copied all of the effects and got the same line number. I then deleted a couple of effects and the line number changed. I have deleted effects at the beginning, middle and end of the sequence in the hope that this would help me find which effect was bad. But nothing made any sense. Has anybody seen this?
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