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  1. I have a CTB32LD can someone tell me what version firmware I need to run this in dmx mode
  2. I have a ctb32ld can someone tell me what version firmware I need to run this in dmx
  3. ok I will drop the drone to 550 and free shipping
  4. I have 2 genn 2 controllers for sale used last year just checked them everything works selling 125.00 ea. also have a walkera qr x350 pro with the ilook camera bought this spring and never got it out of the box no time to play with sell for 650.00 plus shipping
  5. jck46

    what gen

    Can anyone tell me how to tell what gen controller you have by looking at them
  6. looking to add to my display, looking for big things will be in charlotte area end of month for 3 weeks let me know what you have
  7. trying to run 6 controllers I have the usb 485b run into a network switch will this work or not bring up the hardware utlity but it says it cant find any controllers what can I do to fix this
  8. Is there a faster way to change dmx channels to rgb channels im doing one universe at a time but seems to be taking forever to change any help
  9. for some reason when i open my sequence editor i get a message that says it cannot find my folder any way to fix this
  10. jck46

    channel line up

    Is there a way to do a channel line up then copy sequence to sequence
  11. Can someone send me a sequence for josh grobin believe thanks jk155439@outlook.com
  12. can I get a copy please thanks jk155439@outlook.com can I get a copy thanks jk155439@outlook.com
  13. Can I get a copy please Jk155439@outlook.com thanks
  14. jck46

    leaping arch

    i used the lawn edging and ran a pc of 1/2 pvc conduit through the lawn edging came out great
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