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  1. Would love this one as well. LMS and faces, please and thank you. Some friends are huge Va. Tech. fans... LMS and faces.. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  2. Sorry to be such a leech.... I have been out of the programming and would love Thunderstruck as well... LMS and faces, please and thank you. mwrose4@cox.net Mike R.
  3. I would greatly appreciate this one as well. MWRose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  4. Been out a while. Would love this one... LMS and faces... MWRose4@cox.net. Thanks to all who are sharing.
  5. I would appreciate this one as well. LMS and faces. Also, the word doc, if you have not sent it to me today. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you!
  6. Would love a copy if you are still sharing? mwrose4@cox.net
  7. James, I emailed you outside of here. I would greatly appreciate the standard version of the Sound of Silence as well. Please and thank you!
  8. James, do you have the non pixel version for this? I would greatly appreciate it. MWRose4@cox.net Thanks.
  9. Plasma, Sorry to hear you thinking about shutting down. You were one of the guys that actually helped me to get started. Thanks for all you have done. Hope you can work something out. Mike
  10. I used a couple of blow-ups at Halloween. I went into the inflatable, rewired it so that the fan ran constantly and the lights were on a separate plug that I connected to a channel. I made the plugs so that I could plug the lights back in to the blower circuit if I wanted to use it as a regular inflatable again at some time.
  11. Prayers for your son, you and your wife....
  12. For what it is worth, I used two fire sticks last year of 5 channels. I was limited on controllers, so I was going to duplicate the sides by splitting the controller output, one to both sides. In my setting up of the sticks, I managed to reverse the order of the sections and had them mirroring instead and it looked very neat, even with fire sticks. So I had this.. Left Right 1 5 2 4 3 3 4 2 5 1 Worked like a charm. So what you are asking is absolutely viable and should look pretty good.
  13. Feel bad ??? They LIVE in Hawaii... I am jealous.
  14. There is a time limit on when you can edit your posts. I believe it is something like 5 to 10 minutes. After the time limit is up, you can no longer edit them.
  15. I ordered so,etching just like that from Ray. They are not waterproof and ARE very finicky. I am using them on my bar shelves indoors and when installing the dumb strips the connection was VERY positional. For what it is worth, your mileage may vary.
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