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  1. Would love this one as well. LMS and faces, please and thank you. Some friends are huge Va. Tech. fans... LMS and faces.. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  2. Sorry to be such a leech.... I have been out of the programming and would love Thunderstruck as well... LMS and faces, please and thank you. mwrose4@cox.net Mike R.
  3. I would greatly appreciate this one as well. MWRose4@cox.net Thank you! Mike R.
  4. Been out a while. Would love this one... LMS and faces... MWRose4@cox.net. Thanks to all who are sharing.
  5. I would appreciate this one as well. LMS and faces. Also, the word doc, if you have not sent it to me today. mwrose4@cox.net Thank you!
  6. Would love a copy if you are still sharing? mwrose4@cox.net
  7. James, I emailed you outside of here. I would greatly appreciate the standard version of the Sound of Silence as well. Please and thank you!
  8. James, do you have the non pixel version for this? I would greatly appreciate it. MWRose4@cox.net Thanks.
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