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  1. Just got it, instead of starting new and copying in. I copied it into an existing sequence and it worked
  2. I have also looked around the forums and haven't been able to find anything
  3. I am having issues trying to convert a 16 CCR tree to a 12RGB tree, any suggestions? The CCR sequence is an LORedit file and has individual strings. Thanks in advance for any help here. I tried to just copy and paste and that doesn't work
  4. James i would love to check it out. Thanks in advance Newtour21881@gmail.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share
  5. I would split the cost with you Mike. That would be Awesome!!! Newtour21881@gmail.com
  6. Not sure if I can use it as my SuperStar license is very small and I am running S5 now, but would love to try. Thanks Jim
  7. Thank you all for sharing. All good information
  8. Looking for pixel tree sequence a Hallelujah by Pentatonix if anyone is willing to share. Thanks in advance Newtour21881@gmail.com Don't see it out there on the forums
  9. sorry forgot to put that in there. smart pixels probably going with 25 pixels per arch and going to use the Holiday Coro arches as I have never programed the strips. am contemplating still going the strip route, but wanted to see how tough it is to setup the channels and programing each.
  10. Hey I am going to add 2 pixel arches to my show does anyone have a sequence with pixel arches in it to share so I can get a good idea of how to get started sequencing. Thanks
  11. Anyone still sharing Lights of Christmas by Owl City, I would love to add this one in. Thanks Newtour21881@gmail.com
  12. I would love to see a copy of this song as well. Thanks in advance Newtour21881@gmail.com
  13. Anyone have the pixel tree (12X50 preferably) sequence for Let it Go by the India lady or whatever here name is. Thanks in advance. Newtour21881@gmail.com I have my first pixel tree and would love to see a few sequences with a 12X50 pixel tree. Thanks guys and gals
  14. I have been out of the game for a few years and am not yet up to speed on S5. I downloaded a sequence from LOR and changed all my network setting and have a triangle next to the channels instead of the sun looking symbol and it is trying to play all 12 channels through one channel?
  15. Don't know what I did, but it is working now. Who knows in this crazy game
  16. Can I use the LOR Hardware utility to test my Sandevices E682 Controller
  17. Does anyone have any props for the arches already built they would be willing to share. New to the Pixel strip thing and trying to learn S5 after being out of the game for 3 years. Thanks in advance Newtour21881@gmail.com
  18. +100 I have also learned a great deal from both of you. Once again THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!
  19. Oh yeah and correction it will be 5" wide beams and 4.5' across
  20. Well we will actually just be attaching to our cross in the sanctuary, but that is all dependent on cost. I am hoping to get the same look from just three vertical and three horizontal as the cross is recessed between support beams.
  21. Dimensions are 10" X 4.5' and 3 strips wide for each length
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