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  1. If he's running from the Mini Director, why would he need the red adapter?
  2. Check the write protect tab on the SD card.
  3. You should start a new topic with the problem you are having.
  4. Thank You Sir. I hope I won't have to use it, but we'll see. :-) Bob W
  5. I uninstalled Light-O-Rama, ran CCleaner (registry cleaner), and reinstalled. It appears to be working at the moment. I tried to find the LOR Registry Wiper, but couldn't find the download. Is this something you have to get the link from the Helpdesk for? Bob W
  6. I'm running 5.5.16 Pro. When I 'X' out of the Sequencer, to close it, it doesn't close. The red X goes gray, and nothing in the window can be selected, but the window doesn't close. This also happened on previous versions. Activity in the Task Manager shows 0%, with an occasional 0.1%. I usually end up killing the task, then using the red bulb to Unload the CP. It's at most annoying, but not the proper behavior. Maybe DevMike has a suggestion for something to try, or to capture for troubleshooting. Bob W
  7. Try looking at it this way: In the HU you set what would be the maximum number of pixels that would be on the ports (50 or 100 or ?, up to 170). Then when you create your preview, you define how many pixels are actually on the port that the prop is attached to. Bob W
  8. Thanks, JR I knew it had to be something simple. Bob W
  9. I'm sure I'm over thinking this, and it's probably very simple, but how do I add another prop to a sequence? To keep it simple for example, I have a Pixie8. I have a sequence using 2 ports for 2 arches. I want to add another arch to the sequence. How do I do that? I can't find it in the Help Manual, nor can I get the search right to find it on the forum. Bob W
  10. That was quick and easy. Duh! Thanks for the fast response and help. Bob W
  11. JR I just watched your video. Excellent, thanks. I'm running S5 and steps don't exactly track. I'm trying to add a 2nd Pixie8 and I plan to daisy chain it to my current Pixie8. I can't find the 'Add Device' option in S5. So my problem is assigning props to the ports on the 2nd Pixie8 in the daisy chain. Right now, the new Pixie8 is unit 02, but cabled 1st, and the old one is unit 01, but cabled last. When I play an old sequence, it lights up unit 02. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob W
  12. Missed that part when I took a quick look. My bad. 🤢 Bob W
  13. Price is really $239.95, not $255. Bob W
  14. You should now start thinking about where your pixel strings will be, in relation to the controller, and what you might need in the way of extension cables to reach the strings. Maybe someone here can suggest what might be the longest extension you can reliably use with this setup. Bob W
  15. Each port (cable) on the controller will drive 100 pixels (nodes). When you create the matrix Preview in the Sequencer, you define it as having 12 strings of 100 nodes and that each string is folded once. You tell it where the number 1 node is, and it sets up all the channels. Save it and start creating sequences. Bob W
  16. When you create the Preview in the Sequencer for the tree, you define it as having 8 strings with 50 nodes and that each string is folded 1 time. The Sequencer knows how to set up the channels. To drive the Pixie8 you will need the USB485-HS adapter. Bob W
  17. Thank you. I found the post with parts list, now I just have to follow the links and check them out. Then go hunting for the videos. Bob
  18. JR, Is there a link to the build videos? Bob
  19. Last year I bought an RGB Christmas tree kit. I decided that it wouldn't make much sense trying to program a 7' tree to music so I just go with motion effects on the tree. I had a few ports left over, so I added a couple of arches to my display. No music. Looks great. Doesn't disturb the neighbors. For this year I wanted to add another Pixie8, just like the one that comes in the tree kit, and maybe do some house outlining. But, alas, LOR doesn't offer the finished controller. Bob
  20. I updated it again. To make the text bolder, also makes it bigger. This the smallest size I could get it with 2 pixels wide. http://bobw.us/citrus/ Bob
  21. I updated the video on my web site to a 16 x 50 tree. It doesn't look too bad. I cut the intensity of the tree to 75% and changed to a darker green. The regular green really overshadows the text. http://bobw.us/citrus/ Bob
  22. Doesn't look like a tree to me. 😁 As soon as you pinch the top together, it's not going to be readable. Neither the horizontal nor vertical will look worth a damn. Matrix yes, tree no. My tree is 16 x 25. I tried squishing down the font size to get multiple lines on the tree. It did not work. Bob
  23. Is this something like what you are thinking. I just threw it together and put it on a page on my web site. http://bobw.us/citrus/
  24. If you mention what kind of computer it is, maybe someone here can tell you what key(s) to press to get into the BIOS. Bob W
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