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  1. - The color fade option does not allow for other things like intensity changes, is it possible for intensity changes on dumb RGB ribbons? You can choose black as a color and create fades that way. True, but that's only for a white fade out. Instead, expand your RGB channel(s). You can then adjust the individual fades, intensities, and effects for each of the RGB channels therein.
  2. We converted the majority of our display to RGB this year. We went with both strips and nodes. We used strips for the windows and doors to have a uniform line of lights around each. We used the nodes for everything else for flexibility. Having worked with both, I would prefer all nodes if I had to do it again. Though the strips make a 'neat appearance,' they are not as forgiving to work with because they don't bend to right angles and can't be cut to an exact fit; you can only cut at every third LED. Soldering strips together proved to be a nightmare even after watching "easy how to" videos
  3. Thanks all! Yes, everything I've read has said to test YOUR RGB strip/node against the sequence to see the true color. Unfortunately, I don't have my RGBs yet, so I'm reluctant to even bother trying any more RGB variations, fades, intensities, etc (outside of the Red, Green, and Blue) until I receive mine. Sure looks really pretty in the Visualizer though!
  4. Plasma, Yeah, I'm HOPING that I am WAY over. Here's what I'm looking at from Ray Wu: 23 of http://www.aliexpress.com/item/-/1932713082.html 15 of http://www.aliexpress.com/item/5MLED-strip-5050-SMD-12V-flexible-light-60LED-m-300LEDs-White-White-warm-Blue-Green-Red/1745388908.html My "calculations" happened by adding up, and mutliplying all these together to arrive at the wattage.
  5. Hey Bob, Yeah -I watched this video just to make sure I hadn't missed something. But it's only Fades & Intensities for "regular" channels.
  6. Hi All, We are switching half of our incans to RGB strips and nodes this year. So Excited!! I believe I've done most of my homework to understand how they are powered and controlled, and not exceeding Amp and Watts limits, etc. So my question is probably stupid, but just need to make sure I have a grasp on it. We will be running 72 RGB channels (24 strips & nodes). I have roughly calculated the TOTAL watts to be 1632. That said, if I was looking at a 12V 400w power supply, I would need to purchase 5 of them to be able to accomodate the loads, correct? And if that is correct, how do fiv
  7. Hi All, It's been awhile since I've posted anything. This will be our third year having a show -so hopefully I've graduated from "newbie" status. I am switching out about half of our incans to RGB strips and nodes this year. <- So Excited. I just recently started sequencing for this year's show, and am still learning the RGB part. One thing I have already come across is it appears there is no such thing as intensity levels/settings with RGBs? Am I correct?? (But hoping I am wrong and just haven't found the tool) Additionally, it took some trial and error to find the fade "tool" a
  8. We got out to see your 2012 display. AWESOME!!! I especially loved all your mini trees, and their multi-colors (channels).
  9. by the way, I posted videos of our first three songs under the Newbies section: http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/24215-my-first-two-songs-of-my-show/
  10. Hi All! I've made a few postings in the Newbies section. But now I'm hoping to get some advice from those who have been doing this for years. How did you draw the crowds, or at least a relatively decent turnout in your first year? I know it's still "early" yet, and the holiday spirit may not have yet struck many. But after months of promoting this to friends, a Facebook website, and banners outside of our neighborhood, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of 'traffic' my display has (not) generated so far. Any advice is appreciated.
  11. Thanks all! Will be posting the remaining videos soon...
  12. I had to repost the second video to YouTube. Here it is: http://youtu.be/EUnPuPxIXts
  13. THANKS ALL!!! Jonnyci - 48 channels. No, everything is incandescent. I is too po' to afford LEDs yet Maybe I'll catch a good sale at Wally World 12/26. Here is another video. The sequence is timed exactly to the track. But for some reason, my phone's video capture, and maybe the upload to YouTube has the lights off from the sound. Irritating!!
  14. Well, I did my homework last year .... and started sequencing in March this year after receiving my LOR starter kit as my birthday present. Here's my first two songs of my show... http://youtu.be/9C3Jy3XmfKM Enjoy
  15. The Simple Show Builder is just that -a very SIMPLE way to say "run these sequences." I started this route, and found out quickly I hated it since it did not time out my sequences as you described for what you're trying to do. Through trial and error, I found using the Show Editor accomplished the start up, run time, and shut down of the animation and musical sequences in the exact order and time I needed. I would advise getting a nice cup of hot chocolate, and running a mock schedule a few times to ensure you acheive the order and timing you're after. <--- Said from experience. It took me
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