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  1. My work is not for sharing. That is theft of services and also violates my copyright. This is one of the reason's I am getting out of the business. People think its ok to steal other's works.
  2. You can do it however you want. 2-4 songs. Just as long as the correct part A-B are used ot it won't make sense. You do provide your own music.
  3. Spring time is here.....So its time for the Spring Sale. This is the ONLY SALE this year! Order now and get them when you need them. Order now and save money and check something off your too do list. Check elmart for pricing. Sale runs today 3/4/17 through 3/31/17 www.thedementedelf.com
  4. I just discovered something, I never thought of before, and I need to ask folks to stop. I have discovered several videos of people using my voice overs in their displays that are not customers of mine. They have taken the audio from videos posted on You Tube and other sites. I have also seen instances of people giving copies of my work to others. Please stop this practice. To me this is stealing. So please, while I appreciate the exposure, no longer post videos using my voice overs.
  5. November is right around the corner, so if you are thinking of ordering or updating voiceovers for this season, now would be the time to do it, before THE CRUNCH really hits. www.thedementedelf.com
  6. The final week of The Summer sale is approaching. This is the last sale of the year! www.thedementedelf.com
  7. Summer’s here and the time is right for Halloween/Christmas Voiceovers. The summer is here and that means it’s time for The Demented Elf’s Summer Sale. The sale runs June 21st through July 10th. Package 6 Reg. $55 Sale Price $45 Package 7 Reg. $95 Sale Price $80 Package 9 Reg. $125 Sale Price $100 Order now and get them later and save some money!
  8. Jerry72 There are a few songs being considered, even have someone willing to do a sequence to it and let everyone adapt it to their display. We even have someone working on an original song.
  9. My apologies, I was in here yesterday and didn't see this response. To get the radio frequencies update you will need to get another full package. Since the station is mentioned in just about all of them. Today is the last day of the sale but honestly the prices will stay up until I remember to change them tomorrow...Saturday :).
  10. Spring Sale ends this Friday! www.thedementedelf.com
  11. I will be working on some type of voice announcement. I just started a group called A Blue Christmas. If you are interested in helping spread the word and participating please join. This will for posting information and news on the campaign.https://www.facebook.com/groups/ABlueChristmas/
  12. Any suggestions for song are appreciated. I have also reached out to several officers in my family to see what they suggest. I Have also registered the domain www.abluechristmas.com so look for a web site soon
  13. Grinch.....I intend to come up with something.....if any of you are attending a local event, please bring the subject up. Thanks
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