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  1. That does bring the background up but without the lighting I put in. When I had the older version, not sure if it was S3 Or S4 but was able to program the lights on the background and it showed with the lighting on it.
  2. I do not find visibility on the toolbar. It shows 3 toolbars but non of them have visibility alone. I does show Waveform Visibility
  3. I have a standard license and have upgraded to the S5 software. I must not have triggered something because I have designed the preview of my house and inserted the lights but cannot seem to get it to come up with the lighting above the programming grid. What have I not done that is keeping it from showing so I can see how the lights on the house will look as I program it? Thank you Michael Harrington mharr77@gmail.com
  4. Thank you very much everyone. Really appreciate the help.
  5. I have several cd's but do not know how to get them 'Ripped' . I have audadity and windows media player. Any instructions would be helpful. Michael Harrington mharr77@gmail.com
  6. How and where can I purchase music and be able to use it with LOR sequencer?
  7. I am so sorry. I have a 16 channel controller but I know nothing about S4, S5 etc. I program light shows for my own use into this unit. While doing it, I had a picture of my house and placed the lighting on that picture according to the channel, then configured the channel to the music. I am computer literate to a point. I do not know what lorpreview.xml is or commondata. I am retired but am 182 years old but no dummy and am willing to learn this stuff further. My son got me this unit several years ago for Christmas and I have worked my way through the jargon but apparently missed
  8. Here are my plans: Going to put LOR on my son's computer. Going to sign in to drop box and upload the ims file. Then going to show the animation and click the green arrow to see if it all works. I might have to download the music for it but will see. Does that sound logical?
  9. I want to thank you all for replying to this. I am going to try the dropbox and if that does not work, will try something else. Again, Thank you
  10. I am trying to program a sequence for my son. As I progress with this, I would like to either email it to him or put it on a disk so he can see what his house and lights will look like and the animation. How do I do this. I have previously had sequences for my home but now live in an assisted care facility where I cannot use it for this place. I still enjoy making these sequences so am doing one for my sons house. Michael Harrington mharr77@gmail.com
  11. Thank you, sometimes I get embarrassed when I cannot find a simple answer by myself. Getting old I guess. Again, thank you.
  12. My lights work when in Show Mode but do not work while testing in Sequence editor. Is there a switch I need to turn on or off?
  13. How easy that was. Thank you so much.
  14. How do I change the music of a sequence?
  15. brichi-thank you so much for the information. It works and I have spent several days trying to get this information. Can't tell you how much it means to this old fart to be able to do this. Michael Harrington Bradenton Beach, FL
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