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  1. I just purchased a Mini MP3 Director during the Spring Sale. I have one question that I'm hoping someone can assist me with. I read an article exclaiming that the Mini MP3 Director has no internal timer and has to be triggered by an external source. My question is basically, can you plug the Mini MP3 Director into a outdoor timer to start/end the show? I also read somewhere that it is usually powered by the closest LOR Controller. Does that mean it only plugs in via CAT5 cable? I guess an easier way to ask this is what are the inputs/outputs on the Mini Director?
  2. That's pretty interesting. I thought about doing these before, but last year I made 8 tombstones using this method with mini lights, and it seemed to take forever. I'm gonna do some shopping and compare the prices of rope lights first, but if it comes down to using mini lights that's fine too.
  3. My sister found this awesome dubstep remix inspired by the Beetlejuice movie and cartoons. I thought you guys might want to use it for a sequence so here's the YouTube link I have to start working on some new Halloween sequences for 2013 and I will definitely be using this song.
  4. good idea! I didn't even think about that. Thanks for the advice it sure makes this project a heck of a lot easier.
  5. As I searched the forums for threads on these ever-popular singing faces I couldn't exactly find one that fit my question so here it goes. If I'm looking at constructing one singing face for the front of my house, how should I determine how much rope light to buy? The area I want to hang it up on is probably around 10' by 10', but the face doesn't have to be that big. Anyone have any thoughts or experience with this type of question? It would be really awesome if it could fit the 10' by 10' area, but like I said before I'm just in the process of figuring this out. Thanks, JF1993
  6. I don't know either. It sounds like it must be an anti-spam type of thing, but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  7. I hung a multi colored rope-light in it's hands to light it up at night. Looks like the 8-12" won't be around for very long.
  8. That's interesting, I'll have try a Michael's the next time I see one. Otherwise I have some ideas, but I'll also check with Disney-fan-reborn as well to review the options. Thanks
  9. I have two average sized pillars under my pourch roof, and I came up with this crazy idea to try and construct some artificial jack-o-lanterns to cover them up this October. I thought about using some funkins, but after seeing the price per funkin I changed my mind about using them. Anyone ever tried making artificial jack-o-lanterns before? Or has anyone come across a tutorial on how to do this?
  10. Illinois was hit with a pretty decent sized snow storm, and all over town snowmen have been appearing along the sides of the roads. I decided to join the fun, and built myself a Jack Skellington snowman. I made sure I sprayed it down with lots of water to keep it from melting so fast. I also added in a touch of food coloring to make the hat. I guess you're never too old to have fun in the snow.
  11. Very cool! I really like that the show has more than just Christmas Songs. I saw you had Peter Gun, and Pink Panther and it just reminded me of when I used to be in jazz choir. I thought about doing some songs like these in my show before, but I didn't find the time to program the sequences. Maybe I'll have to do that this year. Thanks again your videos are simply inspirational.
  12. I've been reading a lot of servo topics lately as I'm considering adding a couple of new props to my display. A few ideas I had were possibly doing a skeleton jazz band. After a bit of thinking I thought that this might be hard to pull off in one year so I thought up a few alternatives in case I do actually decide to build a few animatronic props. Another idea I had was to build a few characters from "The Nightmare Before Christmas." I was thinking that would be a fun show to build, but as for right now I'm still brainstorming and gathering as much research on servos that I can. I do have on
  13. Is it really that simple to set up a servo dog? I figured it would have been a lot more complex then that. Maybe I'll have to consider making some servo props this year
  14. I noticed that the people making homemade 3-axis skulls are using Brookshire Software's to control the movements. Does anyone know if there is some way to have that software timed up with LOR sequences? If not would it be possible to control the servo motors using the LOR software? I really do like the idea of making a 3-axis skull but I just had to ask this question before I even consider buying the parts to create one.
  15. That's awesome! I really like the realistic movements and such, but the price is really high. I was just talking about making homemade light up skulls to put in front of my tombstones. I might have to invest in one of these though later on. Do the skultronics work with the Light-O-Rama software suite? I know that Light-O-Rama says it can operate DMX and I think I saw something about DMX on the Skultronics website. Again thanks for sharing that it is really cool.
  16. Is there a good tutorial out there somewhere for making a plastic skull prop. If at all possible I could try to replicate an old Boris talking skull I have, but I was wondering how I could do this. Any ideas? I was thinking about using a heat gun and plastic laminate sheets, but I don't know of anyway to keep it from melting to the model skull underneath.
  17. I know right lol. Next time I'll use a different camera. As for only using 16 channels I really had to come up with a strategy that made it seem like there were more channels then there really were. That's how I came up with the 5 channels of red and 5 channels of blue + the 4 mini trees. Oh and the star and flood. Next year I'm planning on moving up to 48 channels so hopefully everything goes well. I'll make a note to turn off the auto focus next time. Thanks, JF1993
  18. Carol of the Bells: All I Want for Christmas: Dueling Jingle Bells: Winter Wonderland: Wonderful Christmas Time: Fleurs Du Mal: https://vimeo.com/56301934 Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions below. Oh and sorry if the camera blurs out in some spots, it has an automatic focus which doesn't work well at night.
  19. I'm almost wondering if it would just be easier to buy multiple smaller sets of rope lights then one spool of it. I really wanted to do LED rope lighting, because everything else in my show already is. Right now I'm checking around places like Menard's, Home Depot, and Lowes to see what kind of LED rope lights they might have in stock still.
  20. I tend to buy a lot of the leftover Menards Christmas decorations, but I have a question about their rope lights. Does anyone know if they you can cut them into sections? I know many rope lights are marked where it's safe to cut, but I've also read that you can cut through any rope light. I know they sell spools of 150' incandescent rope lights, and the Menards by me have a lot of those left. They arn't a bad price either. Here's a link to what I'm talking about. http://www.menards.com/main/christmas/lights/13mm-150-rope-light-clear/p-1852027-c-12284.htm
  21. hmmm... That's interesting. I didn't think about that before, but I guess that could become a problem. I live in the mid west and we tend to get really cold temps.
  22. Thanks that actually looks pretty cool. I might have to try this for next year
  23. Has anyone ever tried making leaping arches with some sort of plastic tube or sleeve over the entire arch? I always thought that it would be a cool idea, and it might just keep the lights a little more protected from the elements. What I had in mind was maybe some PVC clear ventilation tubing to cover the entire arch. Has anyone tried this yet? If so did it work?
  24. wow that's pretty neat. We really don't have a lot of local stores that sell Christmas lights esp. LED ones. That's why I always drive to Menards at the end of the season.
  25. where do you find LEDs at 75% off? just out of curiosity...
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