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  1. good idea! I'll most likely have to search online since my small town doesn't exactly have many big box stores
  2. Besides working on my lightshow this season, I've gotten myself back into the routine of making Halloween costumes. This is my finished creation (Adam Maitland) from the movie Beetlejuice. I started off using metal wire to sculpt the general shape, and then paper mache, and then plasture cloth. It took a lot of time and effort, but I think it looks pretty cool. Happy Halloween
  3. I'm just about done with this sequence for my show. I was going to do an all Beetlejuice themed show, but then realized there aren't a whole lot of songs to do from that particular movie. Anyway I should be finishing this one up in a few days tops here
  4. I'm working on my wire frame deer as we speak. I had a little trouble keeping the wire in the correct shape due to the weight of the rope lights I'm using. So my solution was to use some old garden fencing and attach the wire frames to those to keep them in place. I also found that doubling the wire helps a lot in forming these deer sculptures. Best of luck, JF1993
  5. I bought two zip-lock bags of c6 bulb candle lights, but since I'm putting these on my front porch posts I think I'll use my extra strings of orange leds. I'm not sure if it will look ok just yet, but it's worth a shot.
  6. I originally wanted to do foam pumpkins, but after seeing the price people pay for funkins I got scared off. So after a little searching around I came up with this simple idea. Turns out the resale shop got rid of most the pumpkin buckets by the time I got back so I might have to just wait until Walmart brings in the Halloween stuff for 2013.
  7. I just had a brilliant idea!!! What do people always get rid of a the end of Halloween? The kids trick or treat buckets. And fortunately most trick or treat buckets generally look the same like pumpkins. So I went down to my local resale shop and they had these pumpkin buckets for a quarter a pop, and they had about 50 different buckets. So my plan is to go out and buy 16 of these guys and then cut a line down the side so I can attach them to my porch posts like a clamp of sorts. Then I bought some extra orange leds from menards last season so I'm going to carefully place those inside the pump
  8. Thanks guys! I knew I read something about this last year, but couldn't remember what to do when the problem comes up.
  9. I know I've read about a way on how to fix this before, but what's happening is that when I play full sequence in the sequence editor it plays through fine. When I try to play the visible screen portion of the sequence the music doesn't line up with the music. I know there is some way to fix this through Audacity Sound Editor, but I can't remember the process on how to fix it. Any clues?
  10. Would you be willing to send a copy of that sequence this way? jacob.felz@gmail.com
  11. I've seen many shows online that make use of a digital computer projector. My question is how do people make sure the projector's video runs at the right time with the light show? I've done a little research but haven't exactly been successful in finding the answer I was looking for.
  12. Thanks again, I don't think I'll be adding anything extra to weatherproof the controllers this season. Like you guys were saying I'll probably just make sure the screw is on tight and the door shut.
  13. Thanks for all the advice. I started the light show game last year with one controller, and kept it inside the whole time, but this year I now have three controllers and thought it would less of a hassle to keep them outside. The weatherproofing was my concern, because here in Northern Illinois we have very unpredictable winter weather. Last year we had a good mix of rain and snow which resulted in the ground being covered in sheets of ice which was not fun. I also went the extra mile and got the mini mp3 director due to problems I was having with my five year old laptop. Thanks again for all
  14. I don't know if this is a frequent topic or not, but I tried researching similar posts and was unable to locate a topic like this. The Light-O-Rama controllers are made to withstand the bad weather, but is it necessary to try and further weatherproof them. I've seen people make stands for the controller boxes before, and I'm wondering if I should come up with some sort of similar system just in case. By the way I'm using the residential series controllers.
  15. Thanks, and go ahead I don't mind. Just as an added update on this project, I have 3 reindeer constructed. I need a total of 12 leaping deer but 3 is a good start so far. What I've doing is mounting the clear rope light around a wire frame that I bent to form the shape of the deer. After I started my first deer I realized the lights, and wire didn't hold up on their own so I started mounting the lighted deer to a wire garden fence. The fence actually helps a lot in bracing the deer. I'm not sure how I'm going to have them out in the yard yet, but so far the project looks awesome. Pictures ar
  16. I've been doing some thinking and I want to try creating a whole Beetlejuice themed show this season. I've been working on a few sequences and I can't wait for the season to start. I want to make a few props like the guy with the shrunken head and possibly Juno with an attached fog machine. Sounds like I'll have a lot of work to do between now and October. How's everyone else doing with their shows?
  17. I found a roll of thicker wire that I'm planning on using to hold the shape of the rope lights. I got it at a garage sale for $2. Time to get started on these deer!
  18. yeah lol. Thanks anyway, I think I'm going with the individual posts idea for this project
  19. Thanks for all the input. I originally saw something like this in East Peoria's Festival of Lights. I think the individual poles might work, but I would also want to mix a bucket of concrete at the base of each post so that they won't flip over or anything. I might also try using some kind of industrial wire to brace the posts as well. I know PVC pipe isn't expensive and that would probably work. Otherwise I actually do have garden supply store that might have what you were talking about. The deer will be in the yard by the way. The trampoline frame might work as well, but I'm not sure I will
  20. Hi everyone, I'm working on a really cool project for this winter, but I could use some insight on this idea. I want to make an animated leaping deer that has 6 lighted deer frames facing right and 6 facing left. In order to accomplish such a task I will probably be using some steel cable to hold the shape of the deer and then use some rope lights zip tied to the frames. My question is how to ensure the frames won't flip over. I have a picture at the bottom of my idea, but the deer in the picture only face one direction. Last year at Brookfield Zoo in the Chicago suburbs they had a Christmas
  21. I think the song repeats twice. I thought about cutting it in half to save time, but I haven't done so yet.
  22. Well I technically try using a loop that speeds up every time it repeats. Although I would only want specific channels to loop, and I don't think it would work with a musical sequence anyway. Oh well we can only hope the speed control will make it on the LOR software eventually.
  23. I'll have to take a look around the house to see if I can find an adapter with these specs. Otherwise I have a local resale shop that has bins of these things, so with luck I might be able to find a cheap adapter.
  24. That's interesting. I'll have to see if I can find a power adapter for the director itself. It sounds like a lot of work trying to hook all the controllers to a timer. Thanks for the input on the issue everyone. Oh and one last thing. Anyone know where to find a power adapter designed for the specifications of the mini mp3 director?
  25. Has anyone ever found a way to make the shimmer speed gradually get slower or faster? Kind of like an fade but with the shimmer rate.
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