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  1. Hi - I am looking for Firefly by TSO with dumb RGB elements is possible. I know there are a lot of examples out there but I was wondering if anyone had one to share with RGB elements in there. If so, can you please email me at drums114@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  2. Looking for Lights of Christmas by Owl City - if anyone has it, can you please email it to drums114@hotmail.com Thanks!
  3. could I get a copy drums114@hotmail.com TIA
  4. I tried that however I still have the issue in that USB port. If I try the one right next to it, it works fine. Any ideas? What is FTclean?
  5. Are anyone elses USB ports are breaking? Meaning when I plug in my LOR usb cable or RDS cable in it is saying windows cannot find the driver, it idoes not work etc... I have tried restarting, uninstalling the drive, disableing, etc... I have tried a few different USB ports for the LOR usb cable however only one works and I had to use a USB hub so I could plug in my USB to Serial connector for my RDS on my tuner. Anyone else have these problems and how to fix? I don't think the physical USB port is bad....
  6. Our first baby is coming around Thanksgiving this year. Anyone have any suggestions for Baby songs or could possibly send along a sequence with maybe RGB in it . Also since I will have all my Christmas lights up it would be a good surprise for my wife . I have 10 RGB strips. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the advise guys. Just curious, what hardware / software do professional use for events like music shows, etc...?
  8. I would actually like to do shows for events like big name music events for the stage. I wouldn't want to start up my own company, just work for one. But one that does the big events for shows and music. Not really house lights.
  9. I have been working in the IT industry for over 8 years and have my MBA. My job is good, however whenever I work on my light display, I get such a high and would love to do this for a living. This will be my 3rd year doing a house light display using LOR and RGB. Is there a career in professional lighting events? What do you need to know? Who do you need to know? Just a thought. Let me know yours - I am in IL and would love to do this for a living.
  10. So I need a Sandevices E682, a power supply and pixels nodes. Is that what everyone is buying the Sandevices E682? Also I am looking to plug this into my LOR controller. Can I just go right from the LOR controller to the E682? I don't see a in and out on the E682-how do you handle that? Where is the cheapest place to buy them for my 2015 display?
  11. So only the CCR or CCB are compatible with the LOR network? Is there a youtube video on how to integrate DMX within the LOR software?
  12. Good information. I want to use pixels nodes on a LOR network maybe with xlights/nutracker. What is the best / cheapest hardware? What pixels do you use, adapter, and power source?
  13. For 2015, I am thinking of using some RGB nodes. Currently I have some dumb RGB stribs but looking for a new challengae. Is there a you tube video on what is needed, how to hook it all up, and how to program them in LOR or use another tool like Nutracker?
  14. Can someone please send me This is Halloween? If you have it I would take the LOR sequence and mp3. drums114@hotmail.com TIA!
  15. You can also send me what you have drums114@hotmail.com TIA!
  16. Anyone have a Thriller SEQ? You can send to drums114@hotmail.com. TIA!
  17. Can I have a copy also? drums114@hotmail.com TIA!
  18. Can I have a copy also? drums114@hotmail.com TIA!
  19. I am going to try and order 25 of their U incandescent strobes....their site is broken now though
  20. This is the lowest price I saw on zip wire.... http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B003YNYDWQ/ref=dp_olp_new_pads?ie=UTF8&condition=new thinking about ordering 500 feet just so I got it
  21. I don't have old c-9 strings and I want further spacing.
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