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  1. Sorry to be a late comer, but could I get a copy as well? Letitgo@mailinator.com Thanks
  2. Ok, so you had to write the sequences by hand (as in with just code text and no GUI)? I can't blaim you for forgetting; that's more than half my life. Lol. You're using lor now?
  3. What software did you use?
  4. Ok, thanks I'll take a look over there
  5. We are working on a little side project (not using lor hardware). We want to program a robot micro-controller to run a single music sequence. We have leds that connect directly to it, and each one is on a separate channel. We also have a speaker to play the music. The main problem is the programming. The micro-controller uses a C-based operating system, and it's not set up for this purpose. So, does anyone know of any sequencing software that can export some C code? It doesn't have to be perfect, but if it could bear any burden of the task that would be great. Alternately, has anyone done anyt
  6. Well Done! I love Carol of the Bells with LOR
  7. Ace

    FM transmitter

    You hooked it up with the usb cable and the auxiliary audio cable or just the usb? You need both; one for power, one for sound.
  8. Looks good; you've got a strong start and nowhere to go but up. Have fun!
  9. I, too, love the arch as well as your whole display in general. What song is in those videos? The guitar-playing tree is also very neat; I've never seen that one before. My favorite new thing would have to be strobes. Just a measly 10 compared to the hundred(s) that some of you have, but they nonetheless really make the show pop.
  10. I too ran to k-mart and picked up a few additional strings. Thanks for the recommendation, joelp!
  11. I actually was in a very similar position as you are, need lights. I had the WH FM Transmitter and was getting acceptable range, but the sound was distorted on high/loud notes. Turning down the input (computer) volume helped, but then the music was much too quiet in the car stereo. Then, I saw a post on here about Breakaway Audio Processor and figured I'd give it a try and have had great results. Basically, it's a program that you install on the computer that is playing your sequences and it filters all of the sound coming out of your computer in real-time (live). It improves the clarity of th
  12. I use an audio cable plugged into a stereo's headphone jack and into the camera's microphone in. That way it only records the song audio (no background noise) and there's no need to resync the audio in with an editing program.
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