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  1. I didn't put up my lightshow this year, and highly doubt I will be doing one again. So I'm unloading all of my equipment. I'd rather see someone use the stuff rather than it just sitting in my garage and basement. It will have to be someone willing to drive to London, Ontario, Canada to pick it up. I'd like to get it out of the house as soon as possible. Here is the lightshow for halloween. The main pumpkin face converts to a face with a santa hat for the Christmas show. Takes about an hour and a half to perform the conversion surgery. Here is some behind the scenes information
  2. Hey Ron. Here is the thread that shows how I made them... http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/22448-a-different-approach-singing-faces/?hl=%2Bnew+%2Bapproach+%2Bsinging
  3. My display won the 2012 Halloween contest for 65 channels and over (Thank you Lightorama!). The prize is a $400.00 store credit. I’d like to donate it to a forum member. ItsMeBobO who runs the newbie controller fund has agreed to award it as the runner up prize for next year’s fund. I had a blast creating my first display last year and put in well over 400 hours. The public’s response was great, and the canned food drive was a success. I had big plans to expand it for 2013, but just never found the time so there is no change to it this year. And I don’t see me changing it for many year
  4. It was a custom created light bar. Explained in this post... http://forums.lighto...derbird-part-2/ ScottyMo
  5. It was a custom created light bar. Explained in this post... http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/23140-lights-on-thunderbird-part-2/ ScottyMo
  6. Thanks! Take a look at the following post. I give details on some of the lights... http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/23140-lights-on-thunderbird-part-2/ ScottyMo
  7. ScottyMo


    Coroplast is just a brand name of corrugated plastic sheets. Just like cardboard, but made of plastic. Very light wieght, rigid and easy to work with. Comes in 4x8 sheets. Cost for a sheet is between $15-20. Home depot definitely carries white and translucent. Some may carry other colors like black, etc. ScottyMo
  8. I apologize. I thought I had taken pictures of the light bars before I installed them. Must have forgot. I took some pictures of them on the house. They should give you the idea. I started by building a wooden frame. 1x6 back with 1x2 sides. Each unit is 8 feet long. I then fastened the modules every 1.5 inches. Giving me a total of 8 modules per foot. Each 1 foot section of 8 modules is wired together occupying 1 channel. There is a total of 46 feet across the front of the house. Giving a total of 1840 leds. (5 leds per module) The front covers are simply made from translucent co
  9. Well done! I really like the light wheel. ScottyMo
  10. ScottyMo


    For the windows on my Garage doors, I just covered them with black bristol board. Cheap and easy. For the windows in side, I cut pieces of black coroplast to fit each window. That way I can easily remove them during the day, and just pop them on before the show starts. On one of these coroplast window covers, I cut a hinged window so I can peek outside anytime. ScottyMo
  11. The 5th and final song from my Halloween show. Hypnotizin Boogie by David Wilcox ScottyMo
  12. Yes. As Kevin said, cutting the RGB dumb strips in easy as long as they are cut at the pre-determined intervals. (every 3 LEDs). The 20 strips I used in my display are ALL cut. My longest run is 10 feet. Before I bought my strips, I made sure that they had connecters at both ends of the strip (some come wthl connecters at one end only). That way I didn't have to do any soldering. (I SUCK at soldering!). My average run is 8 feet long, so after cutting my 16 foot strip in half, both resulting 8 foot lengths had connecters by default. And since they are dumb strips, it does not matter fro
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