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  1. I finally got it working -- thank to all! Apparently one port went bad in one box.
  2. i think I have a bad cat5 port, and it's an essential port. Can a phone line be used to connect 2 controllers?
  3. Thanks - it's driving me nuts! I finally got the hardware utility to recognize all 8 controllers ... for about 3 minutes. I've replaced cables, tried a different "route" from one controller to the next. I'll get a solid green LED one minute, then it begins to blink, taking down all controllers after it. It's not one controller either - there seem to be several that are sporadic. Having put in 100 hours of work this summer, I hate to think that it might all be for naught this Christmas. I can connect directly to each controller as well - no problems there. It's somewhere in the cat5 net
  4. I'm connecting 8 controllers -- all gen 3 -- but when I try to connect the last one, the second to last one goes from a solid green status LED to blinking, just as soon as I plug in the cable. Any thoughts?
  5. Hey - I'm starting work on my 2014 Christmas show, and I'm going to add some light stackers to my display. How do I create 8 channel stackers in the Visualizer? It's not a prop that seems to be supported in the Visualizer software.
  6. I like Pinnacle Studio. Fairly inexpensive, but still can do a lot.
  7. Lots of patience too! Good luck!
  8. I just bought my EDM transmitter with the rubber ducky antenna, and I'm a little disappointed in the limited range - maybe 50-100 yards with good reception. I have it on the low power setting. Is there anything I can do to boost the range without getting the black govt. vans? My test put it next to a window near my display area.
  9. I just got the EDM with the rubber ducky antenna, but my range is very limited - maybe 50-100 yards with good reception. The power is on the low setting. I'm a little disappointed, frankly. Is there anything I can do to boost the range? My test was transmitting out a window right near the area I'll put my display.
  10. I just got my EDM transmitter and the rubber ducky antenna, but I'm a little disappointed in the limited range. It will work for my situation, but I kept hearing about 1/2 mile transmissions in other forums. Mine only seems to be working in the 50 yard range. i have it in the low power setting. Any thoughts?
  11. Shortage issues? Heavens no ... your rope lights will just as long as they were before you wrapped them! Har de har har ...
  12. Here in Shaker Heights, Ohio, the fire department requires grounded extension cords (we're a church), so I don't think the SP2 will work for us -- although I doubt they'll inspect our display. I found a killer deal last year at Target after Christmas, and bought them out.
  13. This is a total noobie question, but how do you create the trees that shift colors so effortlessly? Do you use RBG light strings with DMX control? Where do you buy the lights?
  14. I got my M6 strings in January sales at Holiday Light Express. (www.holiday-light-express.com) Not necessarily the cheapest, but high quality full-wave. My 100 light warm white LED strings were $14.75 each, and the multi colors were $$12.58 each.
  15. Cleveland Heights. I have only seen one LOR display in my area.
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