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  1. Hello @TheDucks Thank you for your response. I will do my best to answer for your questions. Mains voltage we use 220VAC 50/60 Hz. The bridge abouth 4.300 feet long and both eaves will be lightining. Each 30 feet or more lenght Colour section will controlled due to bridge lenght. Bright is most important thing in this matter, but not considered for now only i can say as much as it can. Also yes outdoor waterproof (ip65+) equipments need to be used. Scenario that i thought for DC controlled system; CMB24D RGB controllers + Led stripts + G3-MP3 ShowTime Director (with real-time clock) + Signal Repeaters..ext But In this system will cost much more than client's expected. Best Regards
  2. Hello Alan Thank you for your response. I have already did. But unfortunately helpdesk responded to me as not satisfactory
  3. Hello , My company currently planning a Cascade project on the bridge and client would like to add lightining within the project as well. Could you please provide me any suggestion which LOR products, RGB bulbs, RGB float or CCR will be suitable for this kind project ? Any help appricated. Best Regards Finished cascade will be look like that.
  4. Jim thank you for your reccomendation. I didnt aware this option. User manual page 190 t0 200 explain clearly. I will work on it in my future projects. What kind of trigger or circuit do you use ? User manual tells input number in the startup trigger option (page 193). I thing Triacs do not work as Relays, so how do you sort it out NO / NC trigger ? Does LOR controller send a command to LOR software ? By the way I wish LOR has got an DMX control / trigger option for online start up stage shows but unfortunately it has not got, maybe lor developers add it in the future Like this; http://forums.lightorama.com/index.php?/topic/32101-does-lor-show-editor-has-an-input-option/?p=295168
  5. Hi jim Could you please let me know your trick (if not a secret) how do you use and setup trigger while running directly with Light-O-Rama Sequence Editor (computer) ? I mean i am currently looking for a trigger to start a show while running direcly from a computer. Such a trigger to the Sequence Editor ! is it possible ?
  6. Ok mike. I will do that. To be helpfull this issue do i need to downgrade my version back to v4.0.38 sequently and test one by one to find out problem ?
  7. I ve just tested. Test1; Complately disconnected physical wires to the minidirector for the all 3 triggers, but no way. show starts immediately. Not wait for the triggers Test2; After powered on without sd card Yes It starts playing as soon as i put the SD card in. I ve got 2 seperate minidirectors and same issue happens for both of them
  8. I m checking right now. But as i stated in my first post there has not been this issue in my old version called v3.12.2 at the same wire setup Anyway after a test i will let you know. By the way i am using minidirector not director
  9. Hi Jim Do you use ShowTime Director or ShowTime miniDirector ??
  10. Hi I ve just upgraded my LOR v3.12.2 to v4.0.38 After i upload succesfully a squence to my minidirector then Mini director behaves as '' Plays anytime Powered'' even i selected triggered option ! Show start immediately when i powered to mini. There has not been this issue in LOR v3.12.2 Minidirector firmware; mDC_MP3_V4-22 Do i miss something ?
  11. Hi k6ccc and dgrant Thank you for your quickly responses. If i am not wrong you suggest external trigger such minidirector and G3-MP3 Director controllers have NO/NC trigger input option to start their interior shows. As you do it is not solution that i am looking for i am actualy looking for DMX input option directly control to the LOR S3 Software suite. For example; I am currently use Commercial Laser software which has an DMX input option.Thanks to this option i can able to control basic functions of this software with an external DMX Console via ENNTEC or ARTNET devices. So i can able to control all laser, light, stage effect systems...ext form single DMX controller. Best Regards
  12. Hi to all Does LOR Software has an remote input setup option to controled by external DMX or Midi controller ? I mean i would like to start, stop or pause LOR shows via external DMX controller. Such as DMX Console sends DMX command to the LOR editor and start it. If it has this kind of option could you please let me know how can i do this ? Best Regards Admin Note: Could you please move this topic to under the E1.31 - LOR S3 or appropriate section.
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