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  1. yee eddy thanks for turning me onto to the 101 manual, that helps alot. i look up to all of you's . guys like you's make the rest of us want to try this hobby. i thank you's and i know everyone else does also. take a bow !!!!! you deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jim
  2. THATS A BIG BUMP !!! I LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I UPGRADED MY SOFTWARE READY TO DO SOME DAMAGE NOW (LMFAO) JIM
  3. thanks don, i am now running 3.9 instead of 3.1.4 thanks again jimmy
  4. I am currently running 3.1.4 advanced version and want to start messing with rgb lights and floods. i would like to updated my software up to atleast 3.7 or 3.8 i see everyone else has that if not higher. how do i update my software ? when i try it tells me i am already running the advanced version....??? what am i doing wrong? thanks for your help!!!! jimmy
  5. Where can i find dmx for dummies? "LOL"
  6. tree is very nice kenny and god bless you and your family for the work you have done for the toys for tots. i know of people that have had to use the service's tot provides, and its people like you that make christmas great for these people. without tot they would not have a christmas. if you were in front of me would shake your hand and buy you a beer "lol" or two again i say GOD BLESS YOU !!!!! thanks jimmy61
  7. looking for mp3 of band aid 2 version of do they know it's christmas.... i can not get from amazon and don't do i tunes can you help me out or point me in the right direction. thanks jim
  8. Very nice video, looks like your using rainbow flood extremes correct? they look great you did a great job being your 1st year with floods and pixels i hope my 1st year works out i'm kind of nerves..... jim
  9. i find myself watching your video's over and over. they are so cool and i can see that you put alot of hard work into it.. my hats off to ya. a job well done i must say. any way i can get a copy of your trim version on pop love 2012 ? you did a great job trimming it, you should try mashing yourself i think you would be good at it !!! thanks for the great video's
  10. i haven't bought it yet...but sounds like i'm gettin' the advanced version thanks for everyone's input jim
  11. i am getting ready to purchase my first controller. i will be ordering the 16 channel starter kit with s2 software and i was wondering what version i should get. (basic, basic plus or standard, or maybe the advanced?) basic is free and the rest are discounted right now.. your opinion is appreciated. thanks jim
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