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  1. SS Auto faces are not designed for individual prop. The easiest way to sequence singing faces for RGB and have your eyes at the end of sequencing is to sequence it in non RGB rows and then copy paste in to the RGB rows. Singing faces is all I do and my eyes cannot handle the black grid screen, my OCD cannot handle any auto sequencing anything (though papagayo is useful to most). If you have sequences any singing face as long as its the same # of mouth movements they are all interchangeable RGB- AC/ LED and AC/LED - RGB JR
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  2. That's a PERFECT reason to go with separate controllers. HOWEVER, you do realize that after they get involved, they are going to want to do more - and you wont have any channels available. Just food for thought.
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  3. Thank you for all your help @Aubreyon the Facebook group page. Got it working. Thank you everyone!
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