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  1. The original "Voice of Christmas" is back Dementedelf Productions is ready to provide your with the voiceovers you need for your Christmas/Holiday Display. We've been part of your displays since 2006. Orders taken through Thanksgiving. For information visit www.dementedelfproductions.com or email dementedelfproductions@gmail.com
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  2. I'm sure there's a solution in LOR, but I noticed that other vendors offer controllers for motors they sell. Case in point, Monster Guts has several prop controllers and a media trigger. If I were so inclined, is there a way to connect these other devices to an LOR controller, or would I need to use whatever compatible LOR solutions exist for the device? One of these days, I'd like to have one of those scarecrows on a pole spin slowly, but I have yet to find a way to design it.
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  3. LOR also offers a DIO32 card to which you can add a relay card. There are 8 independent relays rated at 16 amp/250 volt. Those would provide many options for controlling motors.
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