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  1. Yes, you can assuming you are talking about the props order in the sequencer. If so, move each prop where you want them to be in the sequencer. Once you have them where you want them, click on the sequence, scroll down to grid configuration, then click export. You can then import the grid configuration you just saved to every sequence you build and everything will be in the order you placed them in.
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  2. jr & weigh2fast4u, This is a video to show 2 different ways to deal with setting up an order for your props (Preview) and an order that you can set for your Sequences. I am heading out the door so it's a real quick attempt to show you what you can do and at least should point you in better direction. A word of warning about messing with Previews you already have done sequencing with. Be Careful NOT TO CHANGE NAMES OF PROPS. As I explain in the video, existing sequencing is alraedy attached to a prop with a certain name IF YOU change that name, chance are great S5 will will archive
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  3. You got it man. Thank you.
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