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Starting early praying to able to find help

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Hi All! I hope everyone is staying safe during this crazy time.  I have 2 16 channel controllers that I used with regular LED light strings.  I want to get into doing the pixel lights, but I have no idea where to start or even if I need different controllers.  If I wanted to ad a spiral tree to my display and use the pixel lights, what would I need to do, aside from buying the pixel light ribbons? Do I need a different type of controller? I also have 1 signing face, which made my life a total and complete nightmare last xmas, I ended up having to purchase sequences for the face, which wasn't the same songs I had already made sequences for, so .. Nightmare every single night and lost about 30 days of lights on time.  I am really hoping that someone will take me under their wing and help me learn how to do this better.  I have the S5 software, but I don't like it, so I use the S4 software.  I used the S5 software on a different computer only for the signing face.  I need help from step 1 and someone to basically hold my hand through it all.  Maybe I can work side by side with someone as they are working on their own display so that person  wont get behind on their own project.

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Here is a quick answer with a couple of points. 

1 - Highly recommend that you use pixel strings and NOT ribbons.  The ribbons are not durable enough to handle that kind of installation. 

2 - Yes, you will need pixel controller or controllers.  Staying in the LOR product line, that means either Pixie series or the Pixcon 16.  If you go with E1.31, there are lots of options, but a whole bunch more stuff to learn.

3 - For most of us, getting singing faces to look good is VERY hard.  Some people find it easy.  In my case, all my singing faces (LED strings, not pixels) were done by someone else who is good at it in exchange for a lot of help I gave that person.


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Posted (edited)

i added pixels last year and started with the LOR package and added some additional pixels.   This year I got braver and bought my pixels from a 3rd party and got piece parts for the controller. 

S5 motion effects are pretty good if you just want to animate a tree or pixels, but i was surprised how much more thought had to go into pixels. 2 16 channels controllers only make you think about 32 things.   I basic pixel tree is 400 lights, all with an infinite amount of colors to choose from.   

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