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Controllers an network setup

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Moved to a new home and new layout in progress.

Phase 1:

Plan on installing RGB pixels Icicles up on house using the boscoyo strips. 7.5 ft=15 drops of  7 pixels per strnd, 12mm holes(I have 280 Ln Ft) . and about 800 RGb C9 pixels , and approximately 180ln ft of pixels for windows and garage door trim

Phase 2:

4-RGB Arches

2- 6'6" RG Mega Trees


Will LOR pixels fit? Boscoyo icicles and arches

What controllers to use ?

Who uses them? and if not what do you use?

DO I use 485 or E1.31

I currently Have (8) CTB16 controllers full in LED's, 1 controller RGB 8 floods


your guidance is appreciated



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