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CF50D Flood - Falcon F16V3 - xLights

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I am going to use xLights rather than S5. I have 5 LOR devices and 3 CF50D LOR Flood lights. Bought a Falcon F16v3. The Falcon has a serial port that outputs to DMX. I have moved the jumpers on the Falcon to LOR and connected the CF50D. Used the Falcon Test page and the CF50D does not work correctly. In DMX setting on the Serial, Red creates a green strobe, Green creates Blue and Blue does nothing. I have played with the settings on the Falcon. The best I get get is to change the Serial from DMX to Renard. Red and Blue work but Green will strobe Green.

The Unit ID on the CF50D is set to 1 by the LOR Hardware utility. I have not changed any jumpers on the CF50D yet from the default. The manual says the DMX address can be set by the LOR Hardware Unit ID "(Unit ID-1)*5+1" sets the channel.

Has anyone made this work?


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My guess that a lot of your issue is that the Falcon test utility send whatever color to ALL pixels.  Since the LOR flood uses channels 4 & 5 as as strobe controls (I don't have one so I don't know the details), when for example you send Red, that would be channels 1 & 4 which will have some strobe control.  And yes, the Falcon serial output needs to be in DMX, not Renard.


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