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10 minutes ago, jibaro said:

Why do some lights flash when the program is not running on off hours?

Are you running any sequences to play music during your off times?  Need a bit more info on how you have your show set up to operate during any off hours time.

I use dummy sequences to play music in my off hours.  On occasion I may have inadvertently turned on a cell by mistake.  This can cause the symptom you describe.   So that's why we need more info on how you set your show to do things, even in off hours, this way we can be of more help to you with the issue. 

More details and information is better than a small amount or none.

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I am using the simple show builder...the show only runs from 5pm to 11pm....The show turns off as programed and the following day I notice a couple of controllers randomly has lights operating and some my be flashing rapidly...I check my status indicates that "no  show is active"...I have also disabled the show and it will randomly flash lights....I did check the schedule show editor and only what is scheduled shows on the list...I am currently running LOR v4.3.18. (192 channels)

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This then sounds like an interfering signal getting into your LOR network.  Couple things to check or try. 

1 ) Do you have places where the LOR network cable is running alongside AC power line?  Keep the two as far apart as practical.  When LOR network and AC power need to cross, do so as close to a 90 degree angle.

2 )  Do you have terminations on the far end of your LOR network (or networks if you have more than one)?  A few newer controllers have terminations built in that can be controlled by jumpers or switches.  Only the last controller should have the termination enabled.  Note that this is more of an issue with networks with lots of controllers, long distance, or high speed.


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