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Can't get schedule to enable

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I just moved from and old computer to a new one.  I downloaded the software and set everything up.  I can't get control panel to show the light bulb.  It showed up once (I dont' know how) and when I try to enable show it keeps saying "Error 8002 Can't open port.  What should I do?

Leroy Thompson

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Are you sure you're actually loading the LOR Control Panel?   If so, when you re-installed on the new computer, did you also re-install the FTDI Drivers?  If you didn't install the FTDI Drivers, you need to do that, then run Control Panel again and everything should work.

This is what I think is causing the issue, and hopefully this will solve your problem.

If not, hopefully someone here will have other suggestions as to what to try.

If the LOR Control Panel is not loading, you won't get the LOR RED bulb icon in the system tray/


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13 hours ago, k6ccc said:

Besides the driver, did you load your license key onto the new computer?



Good point.  I didn't even think of that being the issue from what I read of the OP's original message.

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