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Migration to S5

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In preparation to moving to S5 I'm trying to create an accurate visualizer for my house.  However, I haven't been able to find a tutorial that is specific to smart RGBs.  I've imported a picture of my house and that's when things get confusing.  I outlined the house with the square pixels using pixie8s. 

1. Should I be using the CCR wizard to apply the lights?  That's what I am currently using.  

2. When setting the properties for each string it asks for the base unit ID.  So I selected that for all 8 strings I have using a Pixie8. Seems like doing it this way, the stricgs are essentially the same.  Am I missing something?  Should I be using the next available unit ID?  The base for this particular controller is 40.

3. When adding props like arches (i made arches using seeder tubing and the square pixels) do I select "strings" or "CCR"?  Are strings just regular lights?  The square pixels are definitely not a ribbon. If I chose CCR it asks how many pixels per segment which of course the square pixels have only one which isn't an option.

4. Is the visualizer not set up for pixel strings?

5. in the arch wizard, is a segment a string?  When I assume that, it just shows a series of "1s" across the arch.

Any help would be appreciated.  I have watched the tutorials for standard lights but they don't address many of these questions.  Thanks!



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