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I love it when a plan comes together

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(That's a line from an old TV show).   Anyway, an interesting turn of events.  When I was at the store the other day, they had some inflatables at half off.  Nothing fancy, but I can't pass up something different.  One they had this Woody from Toy Story so I picked it up.   It may seem strange but most of the inflatables in the yard have a corresponding song (I have a Grinch and a Minion and even a hippopotamus) but I didn't have any Toy Story songs.   Of course I could only think of one so I went to work on putting something together for You got a friend in me.  In just an afternoon, I came up with something I was pretty happy with.   A great testament to the power of LOR.   I used SuperStar to generate the transitions for my traditional lights to accompany the song itself.  Since most of my controller can't use them directly, I exported them and copy pasted into my sequence.   I used the motion effects of S5 to sequence in some simple patterns and a variety of simple clipart images to go along with it.   I even managed a few puns along the way (like when pigs fly)… I am sure there is more I can do to clean up the images and improve some of the sequencing but hey, it was only a few hours of work.  Hope you enjoy it... (if not, its ok to not tell me). 


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