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Shows cut off in middle of last song

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I run 5.3.10 and shows run through mp3 director, I have no ability to connect pc to director or controllers.  I have been running two 15 minute show each night with no problems starting, playing complete and running on time at 6 and 8.  However over the past three weeks for different reasons I have tried to play a show I have programmed to run "on demand" and when the show director has power.  The show will start and play through up until the last song where it completely stops play and control of the lights half way through the last song.  This has happened three different times and with different song playlists. Why would power on shows cut off at the exact same point, no matter 5 or 6 or 9 song shows, at the last song half way through? 

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I had a similar issue although not on the last song due to an issue with the SD card accessing one of the mp3s.  But that doesn't sound like what you have but it could be related to the card itself?  Maybe copy the show off, do a full reformat and it put them back? 

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