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Pixcon16 Max Number of End-to-End 12V 50ct. RGB Bulbs

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The page for the 12V Green Bulbs 50 Count With End Connector (http://store.lightorama.com/12vgrbu50cow.html) says each string runs at 15W (therefore drawing 1.25A). 

The Pixcon16 Datasheet state that current maximum is 4 amps per output port
32 amps total for ports 1-8
32 amps total for ports 9-16
64 amps for entire board

Is the maximum number of end-to-end strings of 12V 50ct. bulbs therefore 3 strings (3.75A/port) per output port of the Pixcon16, for a total of 48 strings (60A/Pixcon16)?

Thank you.


Edited by AndrewB
Corrected 50W to 15W

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Sorry for the typo, yes 15W per string. However, the rest of the numbers and the question still stands.

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It is a Numbers game.

You can max out any single port as long as you don't max out the bus.

 64A simply advertising hype. the real MAX numbers are 32A per bus

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