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Using Pixie16 with Pixels from Ray Wu Store

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I already have a slew of LOR pixels in my display, but I am looking into adding cheaper pixels from the Ray Wu store into my display next year.

Ahead of this, I purchased some test strings to check how well they work, and test longevity.

I have a Pixie16 controller with a 500W 12V Mean Well power supply.

The strings I purchased from Ray Wu store were three different samples:




Note that these are all 100 bulb strings - not 50 bulb

The specs on Ray Wu are not clear, but were all the same:

"Max Current" 50ma      "Max Power" 0.6W

As it turns out, I think those specs are Per Pixel, all 3 colors lit.

Which means one full string would be 5A and 60W!

Each Pixie16 port has a 4A fuse, and two of them blew when I went all White.  One string didn't seem to blow its fuse.

Plus, it's clear that the Power Supply can't power 16 strings simultaneously (960W)


Now, I compare this to the Pixie16 kit from the LOR store, which comes with 1600 pixels in the kit.

Clearly they intend for all 1600 pixels to be lit white simultaneously.

That controller comes with the same 500W Mean Well supply.

The strings included are actually strings of 50 (32 strings total).  LOR specs them as: 15W per string of 50 - or 30W for the string of 100.

Doing math: 30W @ 12VDC = 2.5A per string of 100 -- won't blow the 4A fuse.

More math: 30W x 16 ports = 480 Watts (not much breathing room for 500W supply, but doable).

I only have the 5V LOR strings so I can't test the 12V strings of 100 as I don't want to pay non sale prices for the test; I trust LOR will work.


There is a question here: Where did LOR find such low power pixels?  It's clear that much of the 12V pixels in the Aliexpress store are pretty high power.  Has someone been able to find low power 12V pixels?
Hoping I can find something to try; otherwise I will wait for the Summer sale and pay a premium for the LOR strings.

I didn't do this match up front because I knew lots of people used Pixels from Ray Wu.  I assumed that they use strings of 100 on their 12V controllers and this wouldn't be an issue. 








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