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I am using a Falcon F16v3 with an expansion board for part of my show.   Two of the props that it is controlling are 24 strands pixel trees with 35 pixels per strand.  Each of the trees are utilizing a four port receiver from the Falcon.   Three of the ports are going to the tree and the fourth port is for the star.  Each of the three tree ports cobtrols a total of 280 pixels.   I am having trouble assigning universes both in the Falcon and in S5.  I currently have four universes assigned per port with each universe assigned  70 pixels.   Each port is recognizing the first two universes per port but the next four strings are dark.  I am using virtual strings in configuring the Falcon.   I would appreciate any help with this problem.   I am now running S5 5.2.4.  Had to revert back from 5.3.10 because of bugs. Thanks 

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