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S5 Sequencer won't launch

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V5.3.10, Pro.
Windows 10.

This started happening while at the show site, testing the display. I was going between HUB (to create an SD card) and the Hardware Utility (to test out specific controllers and networks). When trying to create a quick animation sequence, the Sequencer did not open. Came back home, plugged in laptop, and the same thing is happening here at the house. I can open HUB and HW Utility, but not the Sequencer. I get a "clocking mouse" (if that makes sense) like it's trying to open something, then it just gives up. No error message.

I tried Unloading Light-O-Rama and starting it again from the Start Menu. To no avail. I tried re-booting the laptop a couple times. To no avail.

Also I was getting a "Problem in creating the show" when trying to put a single MUSICAL sequence on the SD card (via HUB). I had not problems putting an ANIMATED sequence on the card. Both of these are the S5 *.loredit formatted files. I was using a 512 KB and an 8GB SD card.




I NEED TO GET A LOT OF PROGRAMMING IN!  But, this may be an excuse to finally get some sleep.  HA!


Thanks in advance for any tips here.

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