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Move/install on new computer

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I’m moving LOR to new computer. Copied everything onto thumb drive. What location on new computer do I copy to or do I run install from thumb? What file .exe do I click on to get install wizard to run? What am I missing, all help appreciated. 

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Download the installer for your version to the new machine.

Run it and let it install to the default folder.

The first time you run sequence editor it will ask for your files locations. Use the default, and make a note of where the LOR folder is located. 

Open Windows file explorer, and drag your sequences to the sequence folder, mp3 files to audio etc. If you have any props or fixtures move those in too.

You will need your vis file and the background pic, and any config files.

Basically copy the contents of all your folders to their corresponding folders on the new install.

You will also need to register with your licence key in the help section of the menu

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I found an interesting issue when using LOR on two different systems. When I copy files from one to the other, I found an issue with the SHOW files.

I had created the SHOW files on System 1, but when I ran them on System 2, it reported the Music Sequence files could not be found. The Music Sequence files were there, and I could open/edit/save on System 2 - however, I had to rebuild the SHOW files on System 2. My guess is that the absolute file locations were different on System 2. This is a minor issue, but puzzled me until I found the work around.  (current LOR software version)

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