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sequence examples for pinwheel?

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I have added a candy-cane pinwheel to my display this year, and haven't had the time to add it to the sequences yet (work and life just gets in the way!).


This pinwheel is a 12-channel pinwheel (traditional lights, not RGB/pixel), with a candy-cane on each "hour of the clock", so-to-speak.


Can anyone share any sample sequences that include a pin-wheel?  I would like to see different examples of it going all the way around (1 o'clock to 12 o'clock clockwise) vs bouncing back-n-forth (9 o'clock to 3 o'clock clockwise to 9 o'clock counter-clockwise).


I'm interested to see "smooth chasing" vs "marching chasing" (for lack of better terms) in your sequences to see the effects it has on the total display.


Thanks in advance!  Mucho thanks!




(Your sequences will not be used in my display, just modified snippets of your sequence may be included.  Your sequences will not be sold.  Your sequences will not be shared with others, without prior approval.)

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Me too please.

I did mine as 6 opposing PAIR (2 dumb RGB ports ungrouped) using White strips.

I am interested in timings that look good (what little I did looks way too slow) FWIW The HU chase on fast for just those 6 channels, is starting to look about right.)


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