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5.3.6 Sequencer Broken on Windows 10

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I recently installed (fresh) a most recent copy of S5 and I found that all parts of the software work. Except the sequencer. It will not start. I tried changing compatibility, running as admin, etc. to no avail. I instead uninstalled and downgraded to 5.2.2 and it works fine.

Very strange, and this may be the wrong place to post this, but I wanted the devs to be able to see it. I will give hardware info upon request.

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As a result of this post, I upgraded my Windows 10 desktop from 5.3.0 to 5.3.6.  Sequencer started and ran just fine - including controlling lights.  I'm wondering, did you try to start Sequencer from the start menu, a desktop icon, or the LOR Control Panel?  One issue I have found over the years, is that every time I upgrade LOR versions, I have to re-create the desktop shortcut icons for the various LOR programs.

The only issue was regarding controlling lights.  On this computer, there are no LOR USB adapters connected, but I do have 108 DMX universes connected via E1.31 (my P5 and P10 panels).  I have the E1.31 information entered for the 108 universes (although not for the other about 30 or so universes).  I have channels on my Regular, AuxA, & AuxB LOR networks.  In previous versions, I did not have Comm ports set up for any of the three LOR networks.  This has worked fine.  Of course I could only enable the DMX universes on the Control Lights tab - but that is what I wanted. 

With 5.3.6, when I did the same thing, and tried to play, I received an error messages that it could not play channels in the Arches group because they had Motion Effects, and they were on a non-enhanced network.  They are on my AuxB network which was set for Enhanced in Network Preferences, but there was no comm port selected.  I had to create dummy comm port assignments in Network Preferences for my three LOR networks.  With that done, I receive an error message when I start Sequencer that it can't find the USB adapter for Com-3 (my only non-enhanced network), but allows me to continue.  On the control lights tab, when I un-select the dummy comm port numbers for the three LOR networks and leave only the DMX universes checked, I can control the lights on the P5 and P10 panels.


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