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Christmas lights for sale

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I have accumulated quite a few items that I would like to sell.

Christmas Light For Sale
    Lights
       o    Incandescent String lights
                 Green -- 75 boxes of 100 count
                 Clear – 186 boxes of 100 count
                 Red – 105 boxes of 100 count
                 Multi-color – 375 boxes of 100 count
                    •    My thought was with these you could make any color light string by changing out the bulbs
o    Rope Lights
          Red -- 3 boxes @ 18’ long 
          Green -- 3 boxes @ 18’ long
o    Icicle Lights
          Clear – 2 boxes 300 lights 18’ long
o    C9 Bulbs
          White – 150 bulbs
          Red – 150 bulbs
          Green – 150 bulbs
          Blue – 150 bulbs
    Christmas Trees
       o    7 brand new in box
       o    I disassembled with stand
       o    1 disassembled without stand
    Mega Tree
       o    3D Star frame & top light mount
    MISC.
       o    FM Transmitter
       o    Roll of C9 socketed wire
       o    Several made up C9 runs with bulbs installed totaling 250’
       o    Wiring ~1,250 of cord with x amount of female and male plugs
    Light O Rama 
       o    CTB16PC Controllers
                 One assembled with dual 15 amp feeds
                 One still in box that needs the cords wired in
                    o    USB to Ethernet adaptor

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what are you selling them for per box 100 count ?

as well how much for the fm transmitter



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How much for the controllers and what gen are they?


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