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Preview set up on S5 House for Apex up and over

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Something im stuck on that im hoping some one can help with - my house has a single but large apex on the front which is absolute centre to the house. I have a single string of pixels that goes up and over the apex  starting bottom left up to the top and down to bottom right. First Pixel is bottom left.

I really dont want to split the apex into two separate strings but when i use motion effects such as Bars the bars go up and over instead of both sides heading upward to the peak of the apex.

Is there an easy way to set up the single string so that such effects the first half runs from bottom left to top apex and the 2nd half runns from bottom right up ward to apex - like i say, i really dont want to split the string and increase the channel count unless absolutely neccesssary.


Many thanks




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Hi Matt - thanks for reply - what im trying to do is use the bars effect with all house outlines casing toward thee top centre apex  - so ive got everything except the centre apex chasing correctly  - its just the up and over - I think i will have to split it in 2 i think and take up a new channel.  I guess what im trying to create is a bit like an up and over on a pixel tree where the string is halfed for use.


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