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16 CCR tree + RGB star

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Is their a viz file for the 16 CCR tree w/ RGB Star. I know their is the one with the 6ch white star. I got the CCP + during the sale it has 2 100 CCP strings. how do i convert the 6 ch to this if their is not a viz file.

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The visualizer in S4 only supports 50 pixel Cosmic Color devices. But there is a workaround.

1) define the 16 CCRs and the two 100 CCP strings in your main sequence.

2) In superstar, import a visualization for 100 pixel DMX strings

3) export the sequence from superstar to the sequence editor

4) use copy/paste to copy the sequencing from the exported file into your main sequence and the sequencing will take on the addressing in the main sequence

Attached is a visualization of the 16 CCR tree with RGB star and the RGB star uses two 100 pixel DMX strings. You can use the attached visualization to perform the steps above.



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