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I've heard many on the forums and on FB state they use other brands - for whatever reason. Since getting into this hobby many, many years ago - I've only used LOR products. Had a very few warranty issues and LOR stepped up - and fast on all of them - controllers, floodlights, cat5 connectors - whatever failed - LOR helped me get back into blinking. So again - I only use LOR, some assembled, some complete need assembly, some cards only and used all my own stuff to finish building. Well, the reason for this post today - I'm assembling controllers #18 and #19. I have a habit of not being gentle in most all things I do - kinda bull in the shop... When putting the power female connectors onto the board you need to insure a good connection - properly placed slide-on is not between the outter insulation, all the way engaged, etc. I use my needle nose to grab the connector as my "fluffy" hands don't always fit. Well, I slipped with brute force and pounded the 303 board chip so hard you would think I purposely was trying to smash it or knock it off. Just finished assembly, went to hardware utility, took a deep breath - bamm! To my surprise the channel I sabotaged works perfectly. 

Thanks LOR!

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