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Original CCBs on S5 - initial setup questions

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The documentation is for an older version, so it appears different from the pictures. I got them hooked up, but only half the first string lights up, so I know I'm not doing something right. I've played with some settings, but I'm still not there yet. I've read several threads about setting them up, but I haven't yet found my answers. What settings do I need to turn off/on so that both strings will light? And I have read several threads about unit IDs. Do these still consume two unit IDs in S5, as in I set the first one to Unit 01 and string one uses Unit 01 with channels 1-150 and string 2 uses unit 02 with and channels 1-150 then the second controller uses 03 and 04 and so forth? Or is there a way for them to only use one unit ID with channels 1-300? If both options are available, which one is typically better? 

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More messing around in the hardware utility and I can get both strings lit! Now, it DOES appear that there's an option for "normal" and "dual normal". So, does that mean I can use just one unit ID for the set and it will use 300 channels? Or is it best practice to use "dual normal" and split them into two unit IDs?

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