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Recent Windows Updates and Speed

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Many thanks to James B. for tracking this one down!

Starting a few weeks ago, I had noticed some terrible slow downs while working with Hub (I'm adding some new features).  Creating a test SD card which used to take seconds was now taking minutes for some reason.  I had chalked it up to just weirdness on my machine and that perhaps it was time to give it a good shake, clean out the cobwebs, and re-install Windows - it's been nearly 3 years.

A few days ago, a customer opened a help desk ticket about applying channel configs in S4 and the inordinate amount of time it was taking.  This person's LCC was around 15mb, so I just chalked it up to it being too big for S4 and that he should move to S5.  

James just let us know that he's back to normal, and what fixed his issues was applying the latest Window's patches.  I checked my machine and notice that it had installed these new fixes over the weekend.  I'm back to 100% now too.  James is absolutely correct in that there was something wrong with the previous Windows updates and the latest batch fix the issue.

We recommend that everyone be on the latest Window's patches.  Even if you did not/are not experience(ing) any slow downs, please get those updates installed.

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