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3 CTB16PC and 1 CTBO4-PC For sale

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I have 3 CTB16PC controllers and 1 CTB04-PC controllers. Both of these were purchased assembled by LOR (1 is from Wow Lights) last season. They ran my show last year with no problems at all and are in great working order. I labeled the output pigtails on the 16 channel controllers (the 4 channel controllers comes labeled from LOR). I did hand write the controller number in Sharpie on the inside of the 3 PC controllers.
I am only getting rid of these because I am doing a full pixel display in 2019.
Looking for $200 each for the PC controllers which will include shipping anywhere in the US.
Looking for $135 for the 4 channel controller which will include shipping anywhere in the US.
I have photos if you are interested in them but the forum doesn't allow large files sizes without some work.  
If you are interested, please let me know.
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