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4 hours ago, Dave sch said:

I have 48 channels of the LOR right now. I am thinking of purchasing a 16 channel RGB tree. does anyone have any preprogrammed show songs for a combination of both?

Please be clear: 

RGB to me, means Dumb nodes (CMB 24 controller)

Pixels means Smart Nodes (Pixie or other controller)

This year, my tree (AC LED's) is getting  8 fill in RGB strings, as the AC strings die, I will replace those with more RGB. 

I chose to stay with RGB as my talents lean hard towards hardware and not, to art.


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Never going to get someone elses 48 channels sequences to matc you disply because of different display elemenst.   You'll have to learn to copy/paste channels from shared sequences that can match portions of you display.  So never limit yourself to x number of channels when making sequences. 


For 16 channels mega trees, you can get shared or purchased sequences and then copy/past them into you 48 channels existing setup or visc-versa. 

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