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controlling a snow machine with an LOR AC controller?

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I have purchased a LOR AC controller in the UK running on 240v. I would like to use one of the channels to turn on and off a snow machine in my display. Do I need to be wary of the wattage the snow machine draws, what is the max wattage you can safely turn on using LOR AC controllers?

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Hey man,

Check out this video I made a bit ago about how to hook up a fog machine to a LOR controller. The concept will be the same for a snow machine. 


Here is a link to a relay you will need. It is identical to the one I used in the video except it has an input of 220V instead of a 110V.


For wattage it all just depends on how many amps the snow machine will be drawing. The CTB16PC can handle 8 amps per channel. 1760 watts

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The spec for the channel AMPS is at the back of the manual. 'It depends' on your assembly.  A full, factory built heatsink has the most capability.

A GEN 3 controller, has the much needed (for the sake of the loads electronics), Channel On/OFF mode (only) which is set in the HU.

The relay method used is the totally safe way (to LOR equipment). You can control ANY voltage or current or frequency that accepts a simple power ON-OFF with a relay with a coil voltage that matches the controller.

(you can control AC loads from a CMB24 via a relay with a DC coil of the voltage your controller uses)


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