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Creating custom pixel props in S5

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I want to convert my dumb node RGB star props into pixel props for 2019. Are there any instruction videos out there to help me with this? 🙂

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1) copy your 2018 preview to a 2019 version

2) In the 2019 preview, leave your 2018 dumb rgb stars, and add the pixel stars

3) Open each 2018 sequence,

3a) use Sequence > Assign Different Preview to change the preview to the 2019 version.

3b) Use File > Save As to save the sequence with "2019" in the name.

3c) Select the entire row (R shortcut key is good for this) containing the sequencing for the dumb rgb star, then select the entire row for the new pixel star and then paste.

3d) Save and close the sequence

4) Once you have converted all of your sequences, you can delete the dumb rgb star from the 2019 preview.

Your sequences for 2019 will start out with the stars doing the same things they did in 2018, but now you can spice it up with motion effects.


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