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Let It Go (my 2018 version)

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This is my latest version of Let It Go by Indina Menzel.  I posted a minimal version of this out here back in 2015 when I was first starting out.  One of the comments back then was that I should use 50 watt RGB floods on the house: Done!

I keep this in the show every year as it is a big hit with the kids.

This show is made up of a little more than 8000 lights, utilizing 9 LOR controllers (5xCTB16PCg3, 1xCMB24D, 1xPixie4, and 2x50W RGB floods) and 294 channels.  The CMB24D drives the dumb RGB LED strips on the foundation for uplighting, as well as 6x10W RGB floods.  The Pixie4 drives the arches.  All lights are LED, except for the strobes.  The mega tree is my original prop first displayed in 2015, and the rest of the show has grown around it every year since.  This year the mega tree is driven by an Easy Light Linker (wireless), which worked out very well.

You can check out my post on the forum about what I had to do to get the show running after upgrading from S4 to S5 (5.2.2 pro) after Thanksgiving.

Other videos can be found on YouTube or Facebook by searching for "Woodlea Hills Lights".

Hope you enjoy!


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