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Want to purchase Super Star

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Okay I thought I read some where that I would only need Supper Star CCRs for the biggest prop I have to program.  So Im just checking that I can sequence for an example 16 strip mega tree close out, sequence another 16 pixel tree close out, and then sequence all my windows close out. and so on as long as the CCR count is higher than the one 16 pixel tree.  Then all the props will play at once in the show because the they don't need a high number of CCRs in SS as it is only a sequencing software.  In order to do this would I also have to upgrade to S5

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You can do it in either S4 or S5 - however the procedure is a little different.  In S4, you sequence each item as you said, then export that prop to Sequence Editor.  Repeat for each prop.  In S5, you use the Insert SuperStar Effects for each prop.

Note - just my opinion.  I MUCH prefer to be able to sequence all props at the same time because frequently the timing, colors, motions, and effects used on one prop will be used in a similar fashion on another prop.  Prior to 2018, the Visualization that I used to configure SuperStar had every single channel in my show.  I moved to S5 for 2018, but because of time, was not entirely in the S5 mode.  For 2019, I will be entirely in the S5 mode and I am NOT looking forward to having to completely change the way I sequence.  So far, the ability to open everything at the same time is very limited (although improvements are promised).


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