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Sequence editor crash/ error: cannot allocate memory for copying archived event table

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Was wondering if anyone has a cure for this,  I do sequencing with superstar, and then export that to legacy format for sequence editor (version 4.3.18), and then have a master sequence in the sequence editor I paste everything that gets exported from superstar into. For a new song, I have been trying to copy superstar outputs into my main sequences, and whenever I try and bring my pixel tree sequences into my master, I get a message box that says "cannot allocate memory for copying archived event table" with an OK box, as soon as I click OK, the sequence editor crashes.

The song itself I edited in Audacity to add 1 second of silence at the end, however both Superstar and Sequence editor used this edited version, so length shouldn't be the issue. Another thing of note is that originally, the superstar sequence was longer than the song itself (so when exported to sequence editor it encountered an error) , however I added that second in Audacity so now the song is longer than the sequence, and I re-exported from superstar with that longer version, and my master in the sequence editor has this longer version as well.

This crash happens whether I select paste by time or by cell, with the same message. The computer I am using has 16gb of RAM, so I don't think that should be the issue either. If anyone has an idea of how to fix this, I would be very appreciative. If possible, I would like to keep working with version 4 software, due to the fact that we are in the middle of the season and all my other songs are version 4, I plan on making the jump to 5 next year. 

Thanks and have a great lighting season,


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Sounds like your SuperStar to SE procedure is similar to what I used to do.  Once Intensity files came out, I export as an intensity file.

First of all, since you are on S4, do you have the 4GB patch installed?  You may have 16GB of RAM, but SE can't access more than 2GB if I remember right.  There is a patch that lets SE access 4GB of RAM.

Secondly, are you trying to copy all channels at the same time?  Can you copy smaller blocks?  For example, if you trying to copy a 16 x 50 pixel tree, can you copy the first eight strings, and then the last eight strings?  You could split it up by time as well, but it's much easier to split by channel or channel groups.


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