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Instant Sequence basic white star 6 channels

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I've got to learn to play with the software all year and not just try to quickly edit things in the month that the show is all set up and running.

Can anyone refresh my memory on instant sequencing the basic 6 white channels for the star in Superstar?    

Basically, after my show was up and running, I added 12 incan spiral trees out in the yard and put them on an AC controller.   They sit black for all of the songs until I add sequencing.    I was thinking to save time, at least do an instant sequence for something flashy and drip it in until I can fully program something more meaningful in the future.

I have a few ideas, but suggestions on techniques or where to go to for a "how to" video is much appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any help you can share!


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In S4 to use Instant Sequence on the 6 channel star you must be using a visualization that has the 6 channel star in the visualization. In other words, if you are in CCR mode (not using a visualization) then you cannot use Instant Sequence on the star.

In S5, you do "insert Superstar Effect" on a motion effect row that has the star in it and you can use instant sequence on it.

However, you will get the best results if you use "Auto Sequence" to do your sequencing on the star or elsewhere. Auto Sequence will work on the star even when you are in CCR mode.

There is a video tutorial on how to use Auto Sequence. (you must have v4.3.34 or higher to have the auto sequence feature).

To see the Auto Sequence video tutorial go to the lightorama main page, click on "Support" then click on "Tutorials and PDFs", scroll down towards the bottom to find the SuperStar tutorials. Look for:

Auto Sequence Introduction and Preview

At 9:20 into the video is the first place where it mentions about how to use Auto Sequence on the 6 channel star.

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Well that worked out perfectly - and also made me aware I have really fallen out of touch with the next versions of software.  The whole tutorial was VERY inspiring!   Thank you.

(and I get teary eyed too.....)

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