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Music/Lights don't start off in sync

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I'm running the same show/editing as I have for the past several years (adding new songs or features each year of course) but this year I have multiple songs that have been running for the past 2-3yrs where the lights start firing before the music and subsequently the first few seconds of the show aren't synced. The show seems to even out after that. Even more odd is that it only happens on certain songs, maybe 6 or so out of my 15song show. I also built a new 'mini' new years show and have a similar issue on some of the new songs for that.


I seem to hear more static/odd noises between songs as well.


Any ideas? I updated my LOR software last year to add another controller (80 channels total, no rgb etc, just straight LED/a few incans). I use the simple show builder and run the show off an SD card. I'm wondering if I should update to the S5...


Thanks in advance!

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I'll answer your last question first.  Should you update to S5?  Yes, BUT NOT NOW!!!!  S5 has a pretty large learning curve, and trying to make that jump now would be a recipe for massive frustration.  Make that move in January when you will have 10 months to figure it out.

Usually when people have audio sync issues it is while editing starting in the middle of a sequence.  That is normally due to using mp3 files that are encoded as variable bit rate rather than the needed constant bit rate.  However that is not likely your issue.

I don't use a director, so can't help; you with one.


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