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Computer CRash!!

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So my PC crashed and I had to buy a new license ok no big deal.  However I was having issues with my SD Card playing (I use the little black MP3 player)  but  I was able to save the content from the card even though it was not functioning properly.  I need to create a new SD Card without having to buy all the sequencing again.  (I always cheat and use the presequenced lighting)  When the SD is inserted, the LOR program does not recognize any of the music or the sequencing.  I tried in the older show builder as well as the new hub.  


Anyone know what I can do?  I tried copying the files from my SD card into the actual program sequencing files, but nope!  Still won't work.  Anyone have suggestions?

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1) You shouldn't have had to buy a new license. You can look up your license information on the LOR site. http://www1.lightorama.com/software-license-retrieval/

2) If you purchased the sequence from the sequence store you *might* be able to log into your account there and download them again. If not, contact the help desk.

3) Once a sequence is written to the SD card, (herein a SEQ file) it can not be used by the LOR software. The SEQ file can only be read by the Directors.

Edit: And please ... create backups of everything!

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